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America's First Livestock Organization, devoted exclusively to poultry, founded in February 1873, in Buffalo NY, incorporated in February 1932, under the laws of the state of Indiana .
~Serving the industry for over 125 years~

*APA Mission Statement*

The American Poultry Association aims to promote and protect in every way both the standard-bred poultry industry and exhibition poultry hobby. At the same time, the APA aims to assist, encourage, and help educate the junior poultryman either in the practical value of standard-bred birds for the poultry industry or the esthetic value of standard-bred birds for exhibition. To that end, the APA has continuously published, since 1874, the American Standard of Perfection, which contains breed and variety descriptions for all pure-bred fowls officially recognized by the APA.

Important Information

Due to an unforeseen computer problem the APA is unable to include the points information awarded for 2002 in this years yearbook. The APA has chosen to publish and deliver the yearbook to our membership on time. We are committing to follow up  with the omitted information to the membership in a timely fashion in a printed form. We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.    APA Officers and Directors